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SAN Accelerator SAN Accelerator

Project Dates: Apr 2002

The Project:
Take the text of the provided movie script and transform it into a functional Flash movie in one week's time. The movie had to be easy to understand and had to flow smoothly so that it could be used as a marketing tool.

What We Did:

  • Created Flash logo and tagline splash screen
  • Incorporated EPS of corporate logo into movie
  • Used or created vector versions of standard computer hardware icons
  • Created vector SAN Accelerator icon from a photograph
  • Animated dots to indicate network traffic and speed
  • Made 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons jump between "scenes" in the movie
  • Created a toggle button to pause/play the movie
  • Used FSCommand and JavaScript to create 'Exit' button to close the window
  • Used FSCommand and JavaScript to create 'Learn More' button that closed the window and took the user to a URL specified in the JavaScript
  • Created a small, logo-sized version of the Flash splash page to be used on the main SAN Accelerator web page
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