Some applications, like transaction processing or wireless messaging, can be limited by storage access even when connected to a SAN. SANs have been deployed as a general response to the rapid growth and spiraling costs of managing storage. Though SANs are occasionally touted for their performance capabilities, the need for performance tuning capabilities in SANs to respond to performance bottlenecks has largely gone unnoticed. Bottom line, SAN performance bottlenecks are caused by disk drives, not the network.

The logical response to this SAN performance "gap" is to add a shared performance-oriented resource that can be flexibly apportioned by server, by application within the SAN. This is exactly what the SANaccelerator does. It resides in the SAN as persistent cache device that is easily administered to selectively improve application performance when and where it is needed. It can be simply thought of as a proactive, on-demand performance tool to supercharge SAN information retrieval for applications requiring maximum storage access.




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