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Project Dates: May 2002

The Project:
Design a logo and quickly design and implement a web site for the company. Create business cards and a PowerPoint template based on the site design. Use JavaScript to create a "Wordless Search" demo, where search terms are highlighted with the mouse rather than typed into a text box.

What We Did:

  • Created a simple but bold logo using Illustrator
  • Created a page layout to complement the logo using Photoshop
  • Created optimized web graphics (gif/jpg) from the Photoshop file
  • Created a variable-width HTML template from the Photoshop page layout
  • Created a stylesheet (CSS) for the text, headers, subheaders, footer, etc of the whole site
  • Used Illustrator to create business cards based on the site design
  • Created the JavaScript-based Wordless Search demo (which involved using the mouse to highlight search terms, rather than typing them in)