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Employment Engineering delivers solutions that increase the productivity of professionals using automated employment systems, including applicant-tracking systems. Thousands of companies worldwide have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in employment systems that are used to a fraction of their potential. Unlocking that potential is the key to getting your employment system's promised return on investment.

We don't make automated employment systems: we make the software and provide the services that make automated employment systems successful.

How do we define success? When a staffing and recruiting professional consistently uses an automated employment system to do their job better and faster.

Our products and services:

  • Improve the features and functions of automated employment systems
  • Integrate disconnected employment systems into one seamless workflow
  • Make a useable, fully integrated HRMS-based recruitment system a reality
  • Provide meaningful employment systems reporting

If you are tired of spending money, time and resources changing employment systems to achieve the same poor results, each time forcing your organization to change their hiring processes to meet the new system's needs, or not getting the results that you know are possible, Employment Engineering offers a better way: make the system you want work the way you want.

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