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Project Dates: Apr 2004

The Project:
Design and implement a wishlist system that would allow its users to add items from any website, not just a few approved ones, using PHP and MySQL.

What We Did:

  • Researched feature sets of other wishlist systems
  • Designed simple, clean HTML templates that made extensive use of style sheets (CSS) to minimize images on the site
  • Created an HTML mockup (demo) version of the site
  • Converted static HTML pages to use dynamic PHP content
  • Created the MySQL database schema for storing user and wishlist item information
  • Created a user account creation and management system
  • Designed a frames-based system for adding an item to a wishlist which allowed the user to view the original page to ensure the accuracy of the information
  • Created a page scraper to find all relevant information about the product, including name, price, and an image
  • Added search functionality to find wishlists of friends and family
  • Used a dynamic image generator to allow the title text to include the user's name
  • Created a simple gift logo and icon
  • Added a form email interface to allow users to easily send their wishlist link to friends and family and encourage them to join
  • Added a "Wishlist Watch" feature on the home page to allow easy access to the wishlists of a user's friends and family
  • Created a "Wishlist News" section on the home page which shows upcoming birthdays and added/updated items for people on the "Wishlist Watch" list
  • Created a JavaScript link that, when bookmarked and then selected on a web page, will take the user to the "Add an Item" page with the item from the web page