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Project Dates: Apr 2004 - Sep 2004

The Project:
Create a logo and web site for a pet portrait artist that includes a searchable online gallery and an administrative interface to allow easy sorting and addition of portraits into the database.

What We Did:

  • Used soft colors and fun fonts to create an artistic logo with an animal flair
  • Created a site design with soft, neutral colors that would not detract from the main focus: the portraits
  • Created optimized web graphics from the design, including some alpha-PNGs
  • Created HTML templates from the design, making full use of the alpha-PNGs and style sheets (CSS) to implement the unusual design with a minimum of images
  • Converted the HTML template to use dynamic content from Mason
  • Added a schema to the MySQL database for the portrait information
  • Added an administrative site to allow for sorting of uploaded portraits and editing the gallery hierarchy
  • Added search functionality to find images by text, size, or medium
  • Added gallery browsing functionality, including showing textual categories and sub categories, thumbnail images, and full-size images
  • Created an image randomizer to change out the top header pictures weekly, and one to change out the smaller side images with every page view