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Project Dates: Feb 2004 - Jul 2004

The Project:
Create a logo and website for a custom printing business that would allow them to showcase their many unique products and would also allow people to order custom products and pay through PayPal. Create an administration area for the site to allow easy addition (via WebDAV) and editing (via web browser) of photos of products stored in the database.

What We Did:

  • Created a vector-based logo in Illustrator
  • Helped research competitors' sites and construct a site map
  • Used the logo and several inspirational sites and images to create a page design in Photoshop
  • Created optimized web images (png/jpg) from the Photoshop design
  • Created HTML templates, making extensive use of style sheets (CSS)
  • Converted static HTML template to use dynamic Mason components (including a random image picker)
  • Created MySQL database schema for storage of product image information
  • Created a database-backed hierarcical product browsing interface
  • Designed and implemented an administration area for product image addition, sorting, and editing
  • Created a product category modification interface for the administration area
  • Created MySQL database schema for storage of order information
  • Designed and implemented a database-backed online shopping cart and ordering system for custom products
  • Integrated payment for online orders with PayPal
  • Integrated Paypal's Instant Payment Notification with the database
  • Created online order tracking for the administration area