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Halls of Healing: Flash registration Halls of Healing: Hall Selection Halls of Healing: Hall of Fame Halls of Healing: Hall of Intention (Clinical) Halls of Healing: Hall of Attention (Clinical) Halls of Healing: Hall of Intuition (Clinical) Halls of Healing: Hall of Intention (Compassionate) Halls of Healing: Hall of Attention (Compassionate) Halls of Healing: Hall of Intuition (Compassionate)

Project Dates: Oct 2003 - March 2004

The Project:
Create a series of online Flash games designed to test distant healing ability. Each of the three games is played twice in a row, in a random order: one time in a 'clinical' setting and one time in a 'compassionate' setting. Images and sounds were chosen to enhance the experience of each setting. Registration, Login, and a Hall of Fame were tied to the MySQL database using a custom perl module.

What We Did:

  • Designed overall movie layout and look-and-feel (clean and simple theme)
  • Designed and implemented overall look-and-feel for objects in the movie (buttons, boxes, text, etc)
  • Designed and implemented login and registration screens (including all text fields, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and the unique slider to select on a scale)
  • Added tabbing functionality to the registration screen (so fields would tab in the correct order)
  • Created the backgrounds for the Hall Selection screen, clinical setting, and compassionate setting
  • Created doors and reflections that opened and closed properly on the Hall Selection screen
  • Worked around browser caching problem for Hall of Fame data
  • Added scrolling functionality to allow for viewing of the top 100 Hall of Fame entries for each game (including scrolling not just the text fields, but the movie clip dots for each line)
  • Designed each game to work over the same two clinical and compassionate backgrounds
  • Designed each game to be mode-sensitive, thus avoiding having duplicate games for clinical and compassionate settings
  • Added figures of each gender to better fit the user's expectations based on names entered during registration
  • Added ambient background sounds appropriate to each of the settings (clinical and compassionate) to further enhance the experience
  • Fully implemented each of the three games using Action Script based on specifications in the design documents
  • Created pre-loading screen, progress bar, and action script functionality to load the games as well as the main movie