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Project Dates: Aug 2002 - Nov 2002

Garden of Dreams: Intro screen Garden of Dreams: Flash registration Garden of Dreams: Garden (game selection) Garden of Dreams: Game (in action) Garden of Dreams: In-game help

The Project:
Convert existing Flash and HTML games to a unified Flash gaming experience using a garden motif. The contemplative theme of Japanese tea gardens was chosen and used throughout the Garden of Dreams. Images and sounds were chosen and created to enhance the theme and experience. The existing Perl back-end was converted to use a custom Garden.pm module and a MySQL database instead of flat files.

What We Did:

  • Designed overall layout (including creating the leaf border and providing a space for navigation)
  • Designed and implemented overall look and feel for objects in the movie (buttons, boxes, icons, text, etc)
  • Designed and implemented intro (including creating the background and selecting the font for the title)
  • Designed and implemented all 5 registration screens and the login screen (including all text fields, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and the unique country selector)
  • Added tabbing functionality (so registration fields would tab in the correct order)
  • Designed garden screen layout using plants and items from Japanese garden research
  • Added ambient background garden sounds and introductory and background music
  • Designed icons to symbolize each game
  • Linked garden item buttons and navigational icon buttons to hilight simultaneously when rolled over
  • Created zooming and rewinding functions for transitioning between the garden screen and the game screen
  • Created pre-loading screen, progress bar, and action script functionality to load games as well as the main movie
  • Designed and implemented animated help system for the garden and games
  • Modified the design of existing Flash games to be more consistent with the rest of the garden movie
  • Created a score summary screen at the end of each game
  • Worked with Perl back-end developer to ensure proper Flash-to-server communication
  • Designed the layout for the Hall of Fame and Personal High Score screens