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New Homepage Layout

Project Dates: Jun 2003 - Jul 2003

The Project:
Clean up the layout and objects on the home page by making better use of space. Add a more people-oriented, "friendly" collage to replace the original main picture. Add a "product finder" and include space for "featured items" to the home page.

What We Did:

  • Created a new more "friendly" collage using pictures of people instead of the stopwatch
  • Used alpha channel PNGs to allow collage to scale, which in turn allowed the page to remain variable-width (click "View the new homepage" below and make your browser wider or narrower to try it out)
  • Used existing design cues (grey bars, blue areas, orange lines and dots, etc) to better organize and separate the various areas of the page
  • Changed the font to give a more high-tech look
  • Reduced the size of the "News" area to better fit the page and to de-emphasize the fact that new items were not added often
  • Added a "Product Finder", driven by JavaScript
  • Added an area for "call-out boxes", to promote items of interest to site visitors
  • Scaled down, reduced in number, and clarified the purpose of the many images on the page
  • Added a JavaScript drop-down menu to the "Products" link in the left navigation area
  • Added additional styles (CSS) to change the appearance of form buttons and drop-down menus
  • Used JavaScript to create a link-underline-on-mouse-hover effect on the form buttons labeled "White Papers" and "Client Profiles"