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Project Dates: Mar 2003 - Oct 2003

The Project:
Redisgn the layout for the online survey to make better use of space and to fit additional questions from an Excel spreadsheet. Write JavaScript to ensure that required fields are completed, including complex logic to make sure the required one or two of three fields has been filled out. Integrate the backend login and registration system with the new look and feel. Create and maintain a printable PDF version of the online survey.

What We Did:

  • Took questions from the Excel spreadsheet and decided how best to lay them out (and how many pages to use) for the survey
  • Used the site design for staffing.org as a basis for the survey site
  • Added an area for important links (including a printable PDF version of the survey and help)
  • Added a JavaScript help system, for more information on potentially confusing questions
  • Added complex JavaScript to (if necessary) do math for the user, and also to ensure all required information has been filled out
  • Converted the HTML version of the survey to a printable PDF version which could be mailed in