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Project Dates: Sep 2003 - May 2004

The Project:
Use an existing (and previously unused in production) site design and color scheme to devise a simple, text-only logo to be used on a new site. Add content to the existing HTML template to create each of the main pages on the site, and then release the completed site to the production server. Create and add content and features as required.

What We Did:

  • Added and reformated new and existing content for the best presentation on each of the main pages
  • Acquired, cleaned up, and resized 34 different companys' logos for the 'Partners' page
  • Created a JavaScript-driven page using frames to capture partners' sites and still maintain the Computer Expertise Group header
  • Created a PHP emailer script for the 'Contact Us' form
  • Added JavaScript form validation to the 'Contact Us page (requiring a validly formatted email address, phone number, and a minimum of characters in a number of fields)
  • Used JavaScript to enable auto-fill-in of certain fields on the contact form when a link to that page is clicked
  • Created several banner ads using Photoshop (and ImageReady to animate them as necessary)
  • Wrote a PHP email authorization system to require registration before whitepapers and PDF's can be downloaded
  • Added DHTML drop-down menu system to the navigation bar