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Enterprise Software Innovation is Not Dead

The press and the pundits have all but predicted the demise of innovation in enterprise-class software. Vendors can't compete on features and functions. CIO's only care about saving a buck and reducing their risk. The only money in enterprise software is in managed services and the upgrade treadmill. So goes the conventional wisdom.

The conventional wisdom is wrong. The next five years will see greater innovation in the enterprise software space than the previous twenty years fostered. These changes will be driven by business lines' dependence on technology to achieve top-line results in new markets. The days of incremental efficiency gains are dead. Information is king... and "getting it, exploring it and selling it" is the next big thing.

Hunter | Morgan is a strategic consultancy. We strengthen every link in the software value chain. Our innovative strategies, frameworks and methodologies will be part of this next wave of changes. If you develop, market, sell, implement, manage or use enterprise software and the information it contains, we will help you create a future that will confound the pundits (and drive amazing results).

The Enterprise Software Value Chain

That future? End-users enthusiastically using software to relentlessly drive competitive advantage. Real-time ubiquitous analytics that compel product improvements. Faster, more predictable implementations. Alignment between the business-line's needs and I.T.'s capabilities. Innovative information products using enterprise software as a virtual manufacturing unit. Infrastructure and business need, aligned and agile.
That future.

See you there.

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